How Can National Laboratory Sales Help You?

Need a custom configuration?
Not only do we stock a wide variety of new and used laboratory furniture here at National Laboratory Sales that's ready-to-ship; we also carry a ton of cabinets and fume hoods in our 155,000 sq ft warehouse that are available for custom sizing and grouping.  Along with being able to provide laboratory equipment like sinks, faucets, and eye wash stations; if you can draw up what you want, we can make it for you!

Most of the time our customers take a look at the different new and used laboratory cabinets that we offer and are interested but they aren't the exact fit they need.  Here at National Laboratory Sales, all we need is the exact measurements from your inquiry and we will be able to provide you with cabinets and counter tops to fit the room(s) exactly as you need.  

We're happy to let you know that there is little to no cost difference when it comes to purchasing a new or used laboratory cabinet group or having custom cabinets and counter tops made based on your lab requirements (and drawings).  We employ experienced life science & lab fixture professionals whose objective is to clearly understand and meet our customers’ needs in the most cost-effective manner.  Let our team of experts at National Laboratory Sales know what you need and see how we can help you today!

Filling out and sending the contact form helps us begin by painting a "blueprint" of what you're looking for!

We understand that one of the main concerns from customers is the cost of shipping large laboratory furniture; there seems to be a misconception that shipping is typically expensive because of the weight of the equipment.  Here at National Laboratory sales we have a high volume of new and used laboratory cabinets and fume hoods that ship our daily and we find that the shipping rates are inexpensive.  Did we mention that there's no extra charge for prepping or loading your purchased items?  

Let our experts know how they can help here at National Laboratory Sales, give us a call today for your free quote on our freight shipping service.  Find out more on what we can do to make shipping your item easier for you!

Do you have extra or unwanted laboratory equipment?
Let us know!  We're interested in not only seeing what type of new or used laboratory furniture that you would like to sell but we're also interested in purchasing it!  Whether it's unused or unwanted, we're your people.  Let us know if you're interested in purchasing any of the fume hoods and cabinets that we carry or if you're looking to sell your unwanted new or used laboratory furniture; let us know and see how our experts can help you here at National Laboratory Sales.

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